3300 36th Street SE, Grand Rapids  MI 49512
Website: www.wedgwood.org

Wedgwood Christian Services is one of Michigan's most highly-regarded experts for helping support hurting children and their families and is dedicated to aggressively taking on the toughest problems facing kids today, including: Sex Trafficking, Abuse & Neglect, Sexual Abuse & Sexual Behavior Issues, Substance Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, Developmental Delays/Autism, Learning Difficulties, School Expulsions. As a non-profit organization, Wedgwood provides a wide range of social services to meet the needs of individuals in our community who are struggling with any number of these issues. These services range from intense to less intensive treatment, making Wedgwood's continuum of care one of the largest and most effective among all social service agencies in the state of Michigan. Transforming lives since 1960.  For further information, call  616-942-2110.

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