Wayne County Psychotherapist Practice & Specialty Areas

General Practice Areas:
Family & Conjoint Psychotherapy- Monica Crawford, M.S.
General Psychotherapy- Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Individual Adult Psychotherapy-
Monica Crawford, M.S.

Therapeutic Specialty Areas:
Adult Survivors of Childhood/Lifelong Trauma- 
Allison Gilson, Ph.D.
Anxiety & Depression-
Monica Crawford, M.S.; Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Dissociative Disorders such as Dissociative Identity Disorder-  Allison Gilson, Ph.D.
Drama Therapy/Creative Arts Therapy-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Grief & Breavement-
Monica Crawford, M.S.
LBGT Issues- 
Allison Gilson, Ph.D.
Midlife Growth-
Monica Crawford, M.A.
Military Sexual Trauma- 
Allison Gilson, Ph.D.
Play Therapy-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-
Alison Gilson, Ph.D.
Sandtray Therapy-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Solution Focused Brief Therapy-
Monica Crawford, M.A.
Spiritual Issues-
Monica Crawford, M.S.
Trauma Related Concerns-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Yoga Therapy-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.

Insurance & Fee Information:
Sliding Scale Fee- Monica Crawford, M.S.; Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.;
Blue Care Network-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield-
Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.
Monica Crawford, M.S.

Private Practice or Clinic Locations:
Monica Crawford, M.S.; Allison Gilson, Ph.D.
Plymouth- Jenelle Mazaris, M.A.;

The full descriptions for the abbreviated academic degrees & licenses given above are as follows:

Academic Degrees: Licenses & Certifications
M.A.- Master of Arts C.A.C.- Certified Addictions Counselor
M.S.- Master of Science L.L.P.- Limited License Psychologist
M.S.W.- Master of Social Work L.P.- Licensed Psychologist
Ph.D.- Doctor of Philosophy L.P.C.- Licensed Professional Counselor
Ed.D.- Doctor of Education L.M.F.T- Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Psy.D.- Doctor of Psychology L.M.S.W.- Licensed Master Social Worker
M.D.- Doctor of Medicine  

You may contact the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services at 517-373-3740 or bhphelp@michigan.gov to verify the license of a specific mental health professional or for information about the requirements for specific licenses. If you know the permanent license I.D. of the professional, you may confirm their current licensing status at www.michigan.gov/lara

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