Washtenaw County, MI Psychotherapist General Practice Areas:

Adolescent Psychotherapy: Tanis Allen, M.S.W.; Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.; Marian Karl, Ph.D.; Nancy Martin, M.S.W.Melissa Richter, M.S.W.; Alison Roth-Kerner, M.S.W.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy: Diane Agresta, Psy.D.; Norman Alessi, M.D.; Michelle Avery-Ferguson, M.S.W; Susan Barrow, M.S.W.; Taylor Nezich, M.S.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.

Early Childhood Psychotherapy: Diane Agresta, Psy.D.

Family & Conjoint Psychotherapy: Diane Agresta, Psy.D.; Josie Barnard, M.A.; Barbara Cornblath, Ph.D.Michelle Ferguson, M.S.W; Marcia Haarer, M.S.W.; Anna Konigsberg, M.S.W.Barbara LaHood, Ph.D.; Nancy Martin, M.S.W.; Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.; Lawrence Perlman, Ph.D.; Dale Simmerman, M.S.W.

General Adult Psychotherapy: Diane Agresta, Psy.D.; Norman Alessi, M.D.; Mary Anderson, Ph.D.Barbara Cornblath, Ph.D.; Siri Gottlieb, M.S.W.; Robin Kahler, M.S.W.; Marian Karl, Ph.D.; Lewis Okun, Ph.D.; Andi O'Neil, M.S.W.; Claudia Kraus Piper, M.S.W.; Harry Rai, M.D.; Melissa Richter, M.S.W.; Michelle Samuel, M.S.W.Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.

General Psychotherapy: Adrianne Camero-Sulak, Psy.D.

Group Psychotherapy: Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.

Individual Adult Psychotherapy: Mary Anderson, Ph.D.; Michelle Avery-Ferguson, M.S.W; Josie Barnard, M.A.; Susan Barrow, M.S.W.;   Linda Berlin, M.S.W.;  Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.; James Etzkorn, Ph.D.; Sonya Freiband, Ph.D.; Cindy Gault, M.S.W.; Katie Gordon, M.S.W.; Glenn Kagan, M.S.W.; Robin Kahler, M.S.W.; Michael Kaplan, M.S.W.; Barbara LaHood, Ph.D.; Reena Liberman, M.S.; Jennifer Ratliff-Moss, M.S.W.; Kathleen Nelson, M.S.W.; Taylor Nezich, M.S.; Matruka Sherman, M.S.W.; Jan Ulrich, M.S.W.

Individual Psychotherapy: Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; Nancy Martin, M.S.W.; Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.; Lawrence Perlman, Ph.D.; Melisa Schuster, M.S.W.; Ann Shields, Ph.D.; Dale Simmerman, M.S.W.; Tamar Springer, Ph.D.

Marriage & Couples Counseling:
Mary Anderson, Ph.D.: Josie Barnard, M.A.; Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; Julie Boyd, M.A.; Barbara Cornblath, Ph.D.;   Michael Kaplan, M.S.W.Anna Konigsberg, M.S.W.Reena Liberman, M.S.; Nancy Martin, M.S.W.; Lewis Okun, Ph.D.; Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.; Claudia Kraus Piper, M.S.W.

Young Adult Individual Psychotherapy: Lynn Chandler, Ph.D.; Laurie Krauth, M.A.; Barbara LaHood, Ph.D.; Jennifer Ratliff-Moss, M.S.W.; Melissa Richter, M.S.W.

Psychotherapist Therapeutic Specialty Areas:

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) -
 Laurie Krauth, M.A., L.L.P.; Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.
Addictions Treatment- 
Melisa Schuster, M.S.W.
Marian Karl, Ph.D.;  Renee Lajiness-O'Neill, Ph.D.; Louise Langdon, M.S.; Harry Rai, M.D.; Jennifer Ratliff-Moss, M.S.W.
Adjustment Disorders- Elyse Danielson, M.S.W.
Adult Survivors of Dysfunctional Families-
  Janet Fry, M.S.W.; Taylor Nezich, M.S.
Linda Seyfarth-Ward, M.S.W.
Alienation & Reunification Therapy-
Siri Gottlieb, M.S.W.
Anger Management-
Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.
Anxiety & Depression- Tanis Allen, M.S.W.; Mary Anderson, Ph.D.; Linda Berlin, M.S.W.Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.;  Adrianne Camero-Sulak, Psy.D.Elyse Danielson, M.S.W.; Marcia Haarer, M.S.W.; Marian Karl, Ph.D.; Barbara LaHood, Ph.D.; Annette Marciel, M.Ed.; Andi O'Neil, M.S.W.; Claudia Kraus Piper, Melissa Richter, M.S.W.
Anxiety Disorders- Norman Alessi, M.D.; Julie Boyd, M.A.; Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.; Leah Brock, M.S.W.Perry Engstrom, M.S.W.; Katie Gordon, M.S.W.;  Laurie Krauth, M.A.Kathleen Nelson, M.S.W.; Harry Rai, M.D.; Linda Seyfarth-Ward, M.S.W.; Tamar Springer, Ph.D.
Attachment Issues & Treatment-
Susan Gibney, M.S.; Andi O'Neil, M.S.W.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.
Autistic Spectrum Disorders-
Norman Alessi, M.D.; Michelle Samuel, M.S.W.
Autistic Spectrum Disorder Training & Advocacy-
SunShine Adkins, M.S.W
Behavioral Psychology-
Taylor Nezich, M.S.
Bipolar Disorder-
Norman Alessi, M.D.; Marian Karl, Ph.D.
Body-Mind Approaches-
Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; James Etzkorn, Ph.D.; Cindy Gault, M.S.W.; Marcia Haarer, M.S.W.; Matruka Sherman, M.S.W.
Care-Giver Counseling-
Julie Boyd, M.A.
Chemical Dependency Treatment & Evaluations (including Codependency & ACOAs)- Perry Engstrom, M.S.W.; Janet Fry, M.S.W.; Katie Gordon, M.S.W.; Michael Kaplan, M.S.W.; Melissa Richter, M.S.W.
Child Management & Parenting- Siri Gottlieb, M.S.W.; Anna Konigsberg, M.S.W.Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.
Child Sexual Abuse Treatment for Adults, Teens & Children- Andi O'Neil, M.S.W.
Christian Counseling- Josie Barnard, M.A.
Chronic & Life Threatening Illness-
Tanis Allen, M.S.W.; Linda Berlin, M.S.W.; Leah Brock, M.S.W.; Barbara LaHood, Ph.D.; Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.
Circle of Security Parenting-
Jan Ulrich, M.S.W.
Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy-
Adrianne Camero-Sulak, Psy.D. Laurie Krauth, M.A.
Co-Occuring Disorders-
Janet Fry, M.S.W.; Melissa Richter, M.S.W.
Creative Expression Development- James Etzkorn, Ph.D.
Depression-  Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.; Leah Brock, M.S.W.; Barbara Cornblath, Ph.D.; Sonya Freiband, Ph.D.; Cindy Gault, M.S.W.; Katie Gordon, M.S.W.; Andi O'Neil, M.S.W.; Taylor Nezich, M.S.; Harry Rai, M.D.; Linda Seyfarth-Ward, M.S.W.; Tamar Springer, Ph.D.Linda Thomson, M.S.W.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy-
 Linda Seyfarth-Ward, M.S.W.
Michelle Avery-Ferguson, M.S.W
Dissociative Disorders -
Diane Agresta, Psy.D.
Divorce Issues-
Siri Gottlieb, M.S.W.;  Nancy Martin, M.S.W.; Dale Simmerman, M.S.W.
Divorce Mediation- Siri Gottlieb, M.S.W.
Domestic Violence-
Lewis Okun, Ph.D.
Dual Diagnosis-
Melissa Richter, M.S.W.
Dysfunctional Families-
Nancy Martin, M.S.W.
Eating Disorders- Tanis Allen, M.S.W.; Barbara Cornblath, Ph.D.; Cindy Gault, M.S.W.
Embodiment Mediation Based Psychotherapy-
Marcia Haarer, M.S.W.
Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy-
Jennifer Ratliff-Moss, M.S.W.
End of Life Doula-
Norman Alessi, M.D.
Eye Movement Desensitization  Reprocessing-
 Elyse Danielson, M.S.W.; Susan Golden, Ph.D.; Michael Kaplan, M.S.W.; Lewis Okun, Ph.D.; Jennifer Ratliff-Moss, M.S.W.; Melisa Schuster, M.S.W.; Matruka Sherman, M.S.W.; Jan Ulrich, L.M.S.W.
French Speaking Clients-
Jan Ulrich, M.S.W.
Gambling Addiction-
Anita Griffin, M.S.W.
Gay, Lesbian & Gender Issues-
Mary Anderson, Ph.D.; James Etzkorn, Ph.D.; Laurie Krauth, M.A.; Annette Marciel, M.Ed.;Laura Sanders, M.S.W.; Dale Simmerman, M.S.W.
Gender, Sexuality & Identity Issues - Adrianne Camero-Sulak, Psy.D., Anna Konigsberg, M.S.W.Laura Sanders, M.S.W.; Hannah Wallerstein, Ph.D.
Grief, Loss & Bereavement- Tanis Allen, M.S.W. Linda Berlin, M.S.W.; Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; Elyse Danielson, M.S.W.; Barbara LaHood, Ph.D.; Kathleen Nelson, M.S.W.; Ann Shields, Ph.D.; Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.
Habit Reversal Training (skin picking, nail biting, hair pulling)-
Laurie Krauth, M.A.
Holistic Treatment Modality-
  Kathleen Nelson, M.S.W.
Lewis Okun, Ph.D.
Immigration & Refugee Issues-
Laura Sanders, M.S.W.
Infant Mental Health-
Susan Barrow, M.S.W.; Jan Ulrich, M.S.W.
Lawrence Perlman, Ph.D.
Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy-
Tanis Allen, M.S.W.; Cindy Gault, M.S.W..
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy-
Norman Alessi, M.D.
Learning Disability Testing & Treatment-
Louise Langdon, M.S.
Life Transitions/Adjustments-
Michael Kaplan, M.S.W.; Annette Marciel, M.Ed.
Major Mental Illness- Nancy Martin, M.S.W.; Nicole Turcotte-Ruiz, M.S.W.
Medication Management-
Harry Rai, M.D.; Norman Alessi, M.D.
Men's Issues-
Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.; Perry Engstrom, M.S.W
Mentoring for New Therapists: Melissa Butler, M.S.
Julie Boyd, M.A.
Midlife Growth & Change-
Melissa Butler, M.S.; Dale Simmerman, M.S.W.
Mindfulness-Based Treatments- Laurie Krauth, M.A.
Mood Disorders-
Lawrence Perlman, Ph.D.; Ann Shields, Ph.D.
Norman Alessi, M.D.; Michelle Avery-Ferguson, M.S.W
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-
Laurie Krauth, M.A.; Lawrence Perlman, Ph.D.
Older Adult Needs/Dementia/Caregiver Needs-
Leah Brock, M.S.W.
Parenting Guidance, Support & Education-
Michelle Avery-Ferguson, M.S.W; Susan Barrow, M.S.W.; Siri Gottlieb, M.S.W.Andi O'Neil, M.S.W.
Parenting Children with Disabilities-
Michelle Avery-Ferguson, M.S.W
Perinatal Mood Disorders & Trauma-
Jan Ulrich, M.S.W.
Personality Disorders-
Hannah Wallerstein, Ph.D.
Positive Growth & Chnge-
Linda Berlin, M.S.W.
Post Partum Depression-
Melisa Schuster, M.S.W.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-
Norman Alessi, M.D.; Melissa Butler, M.S.; Adrianne Camero-Sulak, Psy.D.Marian Karl, Ph.D.; Lewis Okun, Ph.D.; Michelle Samuel, M.S.W.; Cam Vozar, M.S.W.
Pregnancy Loss & Infertility-
Kathleen Nelson, M.S.W.; Harry Rai, M.D.
Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy-
Norman Alessi, M.D.
Hannah Wallerstein, Ph.D.
Psychoanalysis- Sonya Freiband, Ph.D.; Hannah Wallerstein, Ph.D.
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy-  Sonya Freiband, Ph.D.; Reena Liberman, M.S.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy-
  Michelle Samuel, M.S.W.; Hannah Wallerstein, Ph.D.
Psychological Evaluations & Testing -
Louise Langdon, M.S.
Recovery & Major Life Transitions
- Janet Fry, M.S.W.
Relationship Counseling-
Melissa Butler, M.S. Robin Kahler, M.S.W.Lynn Sipher, M.S.W.; Tamar Springer, Ph.D..
Reproductive Health-
 Marci Fishman, Ph.D.; Claudia Kraus Piper, M.S.W.; Ann Shields, Ph.D.
Sensiorimotor Psychotherapy-
Susan Barrow, M.S.W.; James Etzkorn, Ph.D.; Robin Kahler, M.S.W.; Nichole Lorenz, M.S.W.; Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.
Sex Therapy-
Reena Liberman, M.S.; Michelle Samuel, M.S.W.; Claudia Kraus Piper, M.S.W.
Sexual Behavior Concerns-
Perry Engstrom, M.S.W.
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity-
Reena Liberman, M.S.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.
Shame & Vulnerability-
Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.;
Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy-
Ann Shields, Ph.D.; Tamar Springer, Ph.D.
Solution Focused Brief Therapy- Elyse Danielson, M.S.W.; Lawrence Perlman, Ph.D.
Somatic Therapy: Melissa Butler, M.S.
Spirituality & Psychotherapy-
Matruka Sherman, M.S.W.
Supervision & Consultation-
Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.
Survivors of Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse-
Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; Sonya Freiband, Ph.D.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.
Therapy Impasses & Ruptures-
Robin Kahler, M.S.W.
Transgender Counseling-
Anna Konigsberg, M.S.W.
Trauma & Recovery-
Linda Berlin, M.S.W.Julie Boyd, M.A.; Adrianne Camero-Sulak, Psy.D.; Janet Fry, M.S.W.; Katie Gordon, M.S.W.; Marcia Haarer, M.S.W.; Robin Kahler, M.S.W.; Michael Kaplan, M.S.W.; Annette Marciel, M.Ed.;Anita Rubin-Meiller, M.S.W.; Jennifer Ratliff-Moss, M.S.W.; Laura Sanders, M.S.W.; Linda Seyfarth-Ward, M.S.W.; Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.
Traumatic Birth-
Melisa Schuster, M.S.W.
Women's Issues-
Diane Agresta, Psy.D.; Mary Anderson, Ph.D.; Josie Barnard, M.A.; Linda Berlin, M.S.W.Kristin Blackburn, M.S.W.; Janet Fry, M.S.W.; Robin Kahler, M.S.W.; Laurie Krauth, M.A.; Melisa Schuster, M.S.W.; Matruka Sherman, M.S.W.Danielle TenCate-Cole, M.S.W.
Work/Rehabilitation Issues- Marian Karl, Ph.D.

The full descriptions for the abbreviated academic degrees & licenses given above are as follows:

Academic Degrees: Licenses & Certifications
M.A.- Master of Arts C.A.C.- Certified Addictions Counselor
M.S.- Master of Science L.L.P.- Limited License Psychologist
M.S.W.- Master of Social Work L.P.- Licensed Psychologist
Ph.D.- Doctor of Philosophy L.P.C.- Licensed Professional Counselor
Ed.D.- Doctor of Education L.M.F.T- Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Psy.D.- Doctor of Psychology L.M.S.W.- Licensed Master Social Worker
M.D.- Doctor of Medicine  

You may contact the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services at 517-373-3740 or bhphelp@michigan.gov to verify the license of a specific mental health professional or for information about the requirements for specific licenses. If you know the permanent license I.D. of the professional, you may confirm their current licensing status at www.michigan.gov/lara

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