Dawn Farm Administration & Short-Term Residential Facility

6633 Stoney Creek Road, Post Office Box 1098, Ypsilanti MI 48197
Website: www.dawnfarm.org
Phone: 734-485-8725
A residential care and "reentry" program for chemically dependent young adults usually lasting 3-9 months, plus 6 months of aftercare following reentry.  Clients needing supervised detoxification are referred to Dawn Farm Detox or a medical center until safely detoxified. Clients must be willing to be honest, comply with strict rules, and accept personal responsibility for their behavior and its consequences. Program is strongly "twelve step" oriented and includes daily group therapy, supervised work and recreation, social development activities and AA meetings. The learning center provides in-house education and helps clients work toward high school and GED diplomas. There is also a specialized program for pregnant addicts who enter treatment during pregnancy and are then moved to transitional housing. They attend groups at our Ann Arbor MI facility, attend AA meetings and parenting classes.   For access to services contact 734-669-8265.  
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Spera Detox Center
502 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Clients of the Detox facility can walk in, stay three to five days, and withdraw from drugs and alcohol in a safe, compassionate environment. Staff locate referrals and advocate for clients, attempting to provide the next supportive step to entering the local recovering community. For more information, call 734-669-8265.
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Dawn Farm Downtown
544 North Division Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104
A 3-6 month residental treatment program based on the 12 Steps of AA.  For further information, contact 734-669-8265.
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Dawn Farm Outpatient Services
2900 Golfside Road, Suites 3 & 4, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Phone 734-821-0216

Assessment - Dawn Farm provides assessment services to assist clients and their families in determining the appropriate level of care and comply with court mandates. In addition, during assessments we briefly educate clients about addiction and recovery, explore goals, options and impart hope that recovery is possible.
Case management - A counselor oversees treatment, including assessment, treatment planning, advocacy, referrals and aftercare planning.
Individual therapy - Individual therapy is offered independently or in addition to group therapy. The appropriate duration, intensity and direction of therapy is determined on an individual basis.
Group therapy - Several group therapy options are offered that are designed to help clients with varying needs, levels of motivation and intensity of substance use problems. Groups range in duration from 8 to 24 weeks depending upon client needs and preferences.

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