Oakland County, MI Therapist General Practice Areas

Adolescent Psychotherapy Christopher Biek, M.S.W.; Laura Feeney, M.S.S.A.; Joan Greenfield, M.A.; Pamela Manela, M.S.W. David Mittelman, Ph.D.Jennifer Morris, M.A.; Joyce Pearlman, M.S.W.; Amina Peters, M.S.W.; Susan Ruma, M.S.W.; Melanie Schwartz, Psy.D.; Maria Summerford. M.A..; Suzanne Webb, M.S.W.Brian Weeks, Psy.D.

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy- Michael Colman, M.D.; Liz Grazioli-Talbot, M.S.W.Charles Mills, Ph.D.; Judith Moon, M.S.W.; Lori Rashty, M.A.; Victoria Schreiber, M.A.; Elizabeth Smith, M.S.W.; Maria Summerford. M.A.; Valerie Timko, M.S.;Julie Vierling, M.S.W.Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.

Family & Marriage Psychotherapy- Shirley Brogan, M.A.; Liz Grazioli-Talbot, M.S.W.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Pamela Manela, M.S.W.; Judith Moon, M.S.W.; Stephen Pilarcik, Psy.D.; Lori Rashty, M.A.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.Daniel Shepherd, D.Min.Richard Traitel, Ph.D.; June Walakiewicz, M.S.W.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.; Talia Ziv, Ph.D.

General Adult Psychotherapy- Eugene Ebner, Ph.D.; Laura Feeney, M.S.S.A.; Susan Gross, Psy.D.; Gregory Johnson, M.S.W.; Gerald Kirzner, Ph.D.; Daniela Lopez, M.S.W.; David Mittelman, Ph.D.Lori Rashty, M.A.; Lewis Smith, Ph.D.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; June Walakiewicz, M.S.W.; Brian Weeks, Psy.D.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.

General Psychotherapy- Ryan Brooks, M.A.; Mary Clark, Ed.D.; Michael Colman, M.D.; Jay Inwald, Psy.D.; Alvin Michaels, M.D.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.; Victoria Schreiber, M.A.; Carol Skinner, M.A.; June Walakiewicz, M.S.W

Group Psychotherapy- Kelli Weller, M.A.

Individual Adult Psychotherapy- Christopher Biek, M.S.W.; Liz Grazioli-Talbot, M.S.W.; Gerald Kirzner, Ph.D.; Pamela Manela, M.S.W.; Mark McMillan, M.S.W.; Jennifer Morris, M.A.; Judith Moon, M.S.W.; Ashish Rungta, M.D.; Maria Summerford. M.A.; Matt Sweet, M.S.W.; Richard Traitel, Ph.D..; Suzanne Webb, M.S.W.; Kelli Weller, M.A.

Individual Psychotherapy-  Shirley Brogan, M.A.; Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Joan Greenfield, M.A.; Gregory Johnson, M.S.W.; Joe Kort, Ph.D.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Erica McMurtry, M.S.W.; Charles Mills, Ph.D.;  Adam Pasciak, Ph.D.; Melanie Schwartz, Psy.D.; Michelle Ugolini, M.S.W.; Julie Vierling, M.S.W.

Marriage & Couples Counseling-  Mary Clark, Ed.D.; Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Eugene Ebner, Ph.D.; Liz Grazioli-Talbot, M.S.W.; Jean Gust, Ph.D.; Gerald Kirzner, Ph.D.; Mark McMillan, M.S.W.; Erica McMurtry, M.S.W.Charles Mills, Ph.D.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Nathan Richards, M.A.; Melanie Schwartz, Psy.D.; Jeanette von Grabe, M.A.; Kelli Weller, M.A.; Talia Ziv, Ph.D.

Therapeutic Specialty Areas:
Abuse: Verbal, Physical, Sexual-
Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.; Sarah Rollins, M.S.W.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Acceptasnce & Commitment Therapy-
Amina Peters, M.S.W.; Matt Sweet, M.S.W.
Carole Flevaris, Ph.D.; Brian Weeks, Psy.D.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Addiction & Recovery- Susan Gross, Psy.D.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Talia Ziv, Ph.D.
Adjustment Disorders- Mary Clark, Ed.D.
Adjustment to Life Transitions-
Mary Rich, M.S.W.
Adjustment to Loss-
Ralph Schillace, Ph.D.
Adjustment to Traumatic Life Events-
Ralph Schillace, Ph.D.
Adoption Issues-
Michael Colman, M.D.
Adult Survivors of Dysfunctional Families-
Pamela Manela, M.S.W.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.
Anxiety Disorders-
Adam Duberstein, Psy.D.; Laura Feeney, M.S.S.A.; Elana Gottfried, M.S.W.Susan Gross, Psy.D.; Jean Gust, Ph.D.; Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.; Charles Mills, Ph.D. David Mittelman, Ph.D.Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Lori Rashty, M.A.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.; Elizabeth Smith, M.S.W.; Maria Summerford. M.A.; Steven Taylor, M.S.W.; Michelle Ugolini, M.S.W.; Jill Wasserman, M.A.; June Walakiewicz, M.S.W.; Kelli Weller, M.A.; Nicholas Zielke, M.S.W.
Anxiety & Depression- Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Michael Colman, M.D.; Eugene Ebner, Ph.D.; Liz Grazioli-Talbot, M.S.W.; Joan Greenfield, M.A.; Diane Levy-Rubinstein, M.S.W.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Terri Lukomski, M.S.W.; Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.; Darcia Miller, M.S.W.; Joyce Pearlman, M.S.W.; Victoria Schreiber, M.A.; Valerie Timko, M.S.; Richard Traitel, Ph.D.; Julie Vierling, M.S.W.Suzanne Webb, M.S.W.
Attachment Focused Therapy-
Sarah Rollins, M.S.W.
Bilingual (Spanish & English)-
Daniela Lopez, M.S.W.
Jennifer Nyberg M.S.W.
Chemical Dependency Treatment & Evaluations-
Shirley Brogan, M.A.; Laura Feeney, M.S.S.A.; Susan Gross, Psy.D.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Mark McMillan, M.S.W.; Stephen Pilarcik, Psy.D.; Maria Summerford. M.A.
Child-Centered Mediation- Jeanette von Grabe, M.A.
Child Management & Parenting -
Pamela Manela, M.S.W.; Valerie Timko, M.S.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Christian Counseling-
Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.
Chronic Pain & Illness-
 Terri Lukomski, M.S.W.Elizabeth Smith, M.S.W.Michelle Ugolini, M.S.W.
Codependency Issues-
Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -  Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Eugene Ebner, Ph.D.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W.; Charles Mills, Ph.D.; Judith Moon, M.S.W.; Jennifer Morris, M.A.; Jennifer Nyberg M.S.W.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Amina Peters, M.S.W.; Susan Ruma, M.S.W.; Laura Scott, M.A.; Richard Traitel, Ph.D..; Suzanne Webb, M.S.W.; Nicholas Zielke, M.S.W.
Cognitive Processing Therapy-
Amina Peters, M.S.W.
Compassion Focused Therapy-
Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.
Crisis Counseling- 
Mary Rich, M.S.W.
Custody Evaluations-
Jay Inwald, Psy.D.
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Counseling for Children-
June Walakiewicz, M.S.W.
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Counseling-
June Walakiewicz, M.S.W.
 Adam Duberstein, Psy.D.; Laura Feeney, M.S.S.A.Julie Hamilton, M.S.W.; Steven Huprich, Ph.D.Daniela Lopez, M.S.W.; Alvin Michaels, M.D.; Charles Mills, Ph.D. David Mittelman, Ph.D.Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Michelle Ugolini, M.S.W.; Brian Weeks, Psy.D.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy-
Diane Levy-Rubinstein, M.S.W.; Amina Peters, M.S.W.; Susan Ruma, M.S.W..; Suzanne Webb, M.S.W.
Divorce Issues-
Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Jeanette von Grabe, M.A.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Domestic Violence - Elizabeth Smith, M.S.W.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Dual Diagnosis Treatment-
Susan Gross, Psy.D.Gregory Johnson, M.S.W.
Early Childhood Assessments and Therapy-
Alvin Michaels, M.D.
EAP Services-
Christopher Biek, M.S.W.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.
Early Childhood Development- 
Joyce Pearlman, M.S.W.
Exposure & Response Prevention-
Julie Vierling, M.S.W.
Eye Movement Desensitization  Reprocessing-
Laura Feeney, M.S.S.A.; Jennifer Nyberg M.S.W.; Lori Rashty, M.A.
Gender Identity/Expression & Sexual Orientation - Steven Taylor, LLMSW
Geriatric Psychotherapy-
Diane Levy-Rubinstein, M.S.W.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.
Grief, Loss & Bereavement-
Shirley Brogan, M.A.Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Adam Duberstein, Psy.D.; Diane Levy-Rubinstein, M.S.W.; Donna Litinsky, M.S.W. Pamela Manela, M.S.W.; Erica McMurtry, M.S.W.;   David Mittelman, Ph.D.Joyce Pearlman, M.S.W.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Elizabeth Smith, M.S.W.
Harry Potter Psychotherapy-
Jennifer Morris, M.A.
Health Psychology-
Carol Skinner, M.A.
Holistic Medication Management & Evaluation-
Jennifer Nyberg M.S.W.
Hospital Medical Staff & Medical Residents Therapy-
Susan Ruma, M.S.W.
Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Identity Issues- Adam Duberstein, Psy.D.
Imago Relationship Therapy-
Joe Kort, Ph.D.
Integration of Psychology with Christianity & Spiritual Life-  Nathan Richards, M.A.; Laura Scott, M.A.
Integrative Psychodynamic Holistic Psychotherapy-
David Mittelman, Ph.D.
Susan Gross, Psy.D.
  Rita Clark, M.S.W.Gregory Johnson, M.S.W.; Joe Kort, Ph.D.; Jennifer Morris, M.A.; Joyce Pearlman, M.S.W.; Susan Ruma, M.S.W.; Sarah Scales, M.S.W.; Brian Weeks, Psy.D.
Life & Parent Coaching-
Talia Ziv, Ph.D.
Life Transitions-
Adam Duberstein, Psy.D.; Stephen Pilarcik, Psy.D.
Medication Management-
 Alvin Michaels, M.D.; Ashish Rungta, M.D.; Melanie Schwartz, Psy.D.
Men’s Issues-
Nathan Richards, M.A.
Mid-Life Growth & Change-
Shirley Brogan, M.A.: Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.
Mind/Body Health-
Carol Skinner, M.A.
Mindfulness- Laura Scott, M.A.
Mood Disorders-
Mary Clark, Ed.D.; Stephen Pilarcik, Psy.D.; Matt Sweet, M.S.W.; Valerie Timko, M.S.
Motivational Interviewing-
Susan Ruma, M.S.W.
Multi-Cultural Issues-
Jennifer Morris, M.A.
Negative Self-Talk & Self-Esteen Issues-
Nicholas Zielke, M.S.W.
Neuropsychology- Jay Inwald, Psy.D.; Gerald Kirzner, Ph.D.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- Julie Vierling, M.S.W.
Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors-
Steven Huprich, Ph.D.; Joe Kort, Ph.D.; Laura Scott, M.A.
Parent & Familt Consultation-
Pamela Manela, M.S.W.
Parenting Consulation-
Judith Moon, M.S.W.; Victoria Schreiber, M.A.; Jeanette von Grabe, M.A.
Partner Betrayal Trauma-
Nathan Richards, M.A.; Laura Scott, M.A.
Personality Disorders-
Steven Huprich, Ph.D.
Play Therapy-
Valerie Timko, M.S.
Matt Sweet, M.S.W.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-
Elana Gottfried, M.S.W.; Joan Greenfield, M.A.; Gregory Johnson, M.S.W.; Mark McMillan, M.S.W.; Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.; Sarah Rollins, M.S.W.; Susan Ruma, M.S.W.; Victoria Schreiber, M.A.Daniel Shepherd, D.Min.Michelle Ugolini, M.S.W.; Martin Wunsch, Ph.D.
Michael Colman, M.D.
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy-
 Michael Colman, M.D.; Steven Huprich, Ph.D.
Psychoeducational & Learning Disability Testing-
Jay Inwald, Psy.D.
Psychological Evaluations & Testing-
Gerald Kirzner, Ph.D.; Alicia Tisdale, Ph.D.
Relationship Counseling-
 Steven Taylor, MSW; Talia Ziv, Ph.D.
Retirement & Work Related Issues-
Eugene Ebner, Ph.D.
School & Educational Psychology/Counseling- Carole Flevaris, Ph.D.
Sex Therapy-
Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Joe Kort, Ph.D.; Kelli Weller, M.A.
Sexual Addiction/Co-Dependency- Nathan Richards, M.A.; Kelli Weller, M.A.
Sexual Health-
Steven Taylor, MSW
Sexual Identity Issues-
Nicholas Zielke, M.S.W.
Sexual Health Concerns-
Elana Gottfried, M.S.W.
Sex Therapy-
Erica McMurtry, M.S.W.
Sexual Trauma-
Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Elana Gottfried, M.S.W.; Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.
Shame-Informed Therapy-
Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.
Solution Focused Brief Therapy-
Pamela Manela, M.S.W.; Sandra Quigley, M.S.W.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.; Richard Traitel, Ph.D.
Somatic Experiencing Therapy-
Daniela Lopez, M.S.W.; Sarah Rollins, M.S.W.
Spinal Cord Injury-
Terri Lukomski, M.S.W.; Mary Rich, M.S.W.
Stress Management-
Lauren Stover, M.S.W.
Suicidal Ideation-
Susan Gross, Psy.D.
Survivors of Physical & Sexual Abuse-
Adam Pasciak, Ph.D.
Survivors of Sexual Abuse (Adult Male Therapy Group)- Mark McMillan, M.S.W.
Michael Colman, M.D.; Steven Huprich, Ph.D.; Gerald Kirzner, Ph.D.; Pamela Manela, M.S.W.Mary Rich, M.S.W.; Victoria Schreiber, M.A.
Teens & Self Harm/Cutting-
Laura Scott, M.A.
Melanie Schwartz, Psy.D.
Transgender Concerns- Elana Gottfried, M.S.W.
Transgender Support Groups-
Nicholas Zielke, M.S.W.
Truama & Recovery- Bobbi Ebsen, M.S.W.; Daniela Lopez, M.S.W.; Terri Lukomski, M.S.W.; Erica McMurtry, M.S.W.Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.; Stephen Pilarcik, Psy.D.
Trauma: Sexual, Physical & Emotional-
Rita Clark, M.S.W.; Nathan Richards, M.A.; Susan Ruma, M.S.W.
Traumatic Brain Injury- Terri Lukomski, L.M.S.W.; Mary Rich, L.M.S.W.
Women's Issues-
Mary Clark, Ed.D.; Joan Greenfield, M.A.; Melissa Mendoza, M.S.W.Sarah Rollins, M.S.W.; Laura Scott, M.A.
Women's Pelvic Pain Disorders- Elana Gottfried, M.S.W.
Youth Conduct & Behavioral Disorders- Rita Clark, M.S.W.

The full descriptions for the abbreviated academic degrees & licenses given above are as follows:

Academic Degrees: Licenses & Certifications
M.A.- Master of Arts C.A.C.- Certified Addictions Counselor
M.S.- Master of Science L.L.P.- Limited License Psychologist
M.S.W.- Master of Social Work L.P.- Licensed Psychologist
Ph.D.- Doctor of Philosophy L.P.C.- Licensed Professional Counselor
Ed.D.- Doctor of Education L.M.F.T- Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Psy.D.- Doctor of Psychology L.M.S.W.- Licensed Master Social Worker
M.D.- Doctor of Medicine  

You may contact the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services at 517-373-3740 or bhphelp@michigan.gov to verify the license of a specific mental health professional or for information about the requirements for specific licenses. If you know the permanent license I.D. of the professional, you may confirm their current licensing status at www.michigan.gov/lara

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