Rochester Area Counseling Services

130 Hampton Circle, Suite 130, Rochester Hills MI 48307.  Phone: 248-266-6166

We are excited to announce that over the next couple months, we will begin to offer in-person counseling sessions again for our clients. This will be done gradually and in consultation with your therapist. We will still ask all individuals to physically distance and wear a mask or face shield when in any public area of our suite. Per the CDC guidelines, 2 weeks after you have received both doses of the vaccine, you will be able to be in your therapist's office without physical distancing or masking as long as you have provided your therapist with a copy of your immunization card. At Rochester Area Counseling Services, we accept several major insurance plans. We offer convenient appointments to accommodate our clients' availability. We invite you to call us today at 248-266-6166 to schedule your first appointment.

Locator Map & Directions

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