A Circle of Hope
200 East Big Beaver, Suite 110, Troy MI  Phone (248) 519-1212 
Website: www.acircleofhope.net

Specializing in therapeutic placement and educational consulting, A Circle of Hope serves the families of children, adolescents and young adults with complex emotional, social and academic needs.  We specialize in therapeutic residential placements across the continuum of clinical need and program sophistication. Our team works with referring professionals to provide appropriate, residential treatment and transition assistance to the family when the students or young adults return home to the care of their primary therapists.  We specialize in programs including wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for more significant psychiatric, substance abuse or behavioral issues. College consulting is available for students struggling with issues related to disorders of learning or attention, Autism Spectrum, substance abuse or psychiatric diagnoses. Young adults and their families benefit from referrals to programs specific to emerging adults facing difficulty transitioning to the next steps in their lives.
Founder- Connie M. Wood, MS, LLP, Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association and The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.                                                                                                                              

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