U of M Department of Psychiatry

4250 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor 48109
Website: www.med.umich.edu/psych/
Depression Center Website: www.depressioncenter.org
General Office Phone: 800-475-6424 Appointments & Admissions at 734-764-0231 or 800-525-5188 (Michigan only).   Multidisciplinary subspecialty as well as general psychiatry programs involving both inpatient and outpatient settings with centralized screening and appointment with the proper program are available. For after hours emergencies, call 734-936-5900. 
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Programs and Directors:
Child & Adolescent Services- Shelia Marcus, M.D.
Depression Center- Melvin McInnis, M.D.
Geriatric Psychiatry- Helen Kales, M.D.
Health Services, Translations & Outcomes- Fred Blow, Ph.D.
Hospital & Community Services- David Knesper, M.D.
Neuropsychology- Bruno Giordani, Ph.D.
Stress, Anxiety & Personality Disorders- James Abelson, Ph.D.
Substance Abuse- Robert Zucker, Ph.D.
Veteran Affairs- Israel Liberzon, M.D.

U of M Adult Inpatient Psychiatry

1500 E. Medical Center Drive, MCHC-6246, Ann Arbor 48109-0295
General Website: www.med.umich.edu/psych/
Depression Clinic Website: www.depressioncenter.org
Appointments & Admissions at 734-764-9190 or 800-525-5188 (Michigan only). The Hospital Section runs a 25-bed inpatient psychiatry unit, located on the 9th floor of University Hospital. The unit provides acute psychiatric care for a wide variety of mental illness, and is organized by multi-disciplinary treatment teams. The unit works closely with local community mental health agencies to provide smooth continuity of care and facilitate good discharge planning. Recent innovations include clinical pathways, to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of care, and systematic monitoring of patient outcomes. In addition to providing clinical care, the inpatient setting is also a training site for the psychiatric residency, nursing and social work programs at the University of Michigan. For after hours emergencies, call 734-936-5900. 
Locator Map & Directions

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