1111 East Catherine St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2054
Clinical Services Manager: Mimi Block
Websites: www.languageexperts.org and www.aphasiahelp.com

The University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL) offers individual and group speech-language evaluations and therapy services for children, teens, and young adults with language and language-related disorders, including dyslexia. The Center is one of the original programs in communication disorders in the United States. UCLL's Language and Literacy Services (LLS) programs specialize in the development of oral language skills for literacy acquisition and social skills development. The Center's tailored programs, which includes the Preschool and Communications Therapy program (PACT) as well as Core PACT, help to ensure that each client receives the individualized assistance he or she needs to succeed by creating a solid foundation in language and literacy. UCLL also offers an American accent mastery program and will launch a reading-specific program in 2017. In addition to its youth-focused programs, the Center's adult services attract participants from around the country who wish to improve speech, language, reading, writing, and memory skills that have been impaired as a result of a stroke or other brain injury. UCLL is home to the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP), one of the leading providers of intensive speech-language therapy for adults with aphasia in the country.

Contact us: 734-764-8440 or ucll@umich.edu

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