Huron Valley Consultation Center
2750 South State Street, Suite 1, Ann Arbor MI 48104.  Phone: 734-662-6300 
Medical Director: Sharon Dodd-Kimmey, M.D., Clinic Director: Alex Martinez, LMSW,
Administrator: Marilyn Overmyer, LMSW

Founded in 1973, Huron Valley Consultation Center is a private, non-profit outpatient mental facility. We are dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive services for adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. Our diverse staff of experienced therapists and psychiatrists offers individual, marital, and family therapy, as well as psychiatric evaluation and consultation for an array of mental health issues. Psychological testing is also offered. The clinic is accredited by the Joint Commission. HVCC is a recognized provider for Blue Cross, BCN, Priority Health, Medicare and most other insurances.

Robin Annis, PsyD Cynthia Greene, LMSW Paras Patel, MD
Joanne Beemon, LMSW Rob Hejna, LMSW Andrea Pillow, NP-C
Walli Bellairs, LMSW Michael Joseph, LMSW Harinder Rai, MD
Ethan Beukers, LMSW Beth Kafkakis, MA Michael Rozich, MA
Sandra Bingham, LMSW Deniene King, NP-C David Schlitt, PsyD
Laura Dansel, MSN Kate Korte-Tumbull, LMSW Gary Smith, LMSW
Cheryl Des Montaignes, LMSW Janet Leigh, MA Michael Snyder-Barker, LMSW
Robert DeYoung, PhD Laura Leister, MS Jan Ulrich, LMSW
Dion Frischer, PhD Leah Little, LMSW James Wortley, LMSW
Hope Gawlowski, PsyD Shani McLoyd, LMSW  
Lily Gershenson, LMSW Charlea Tracey McNeal, PhD  
Lalita Ghosh, LMSW Sallie Parker, LMSW  

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