Family Therapy Associates of Ann Arbor

317 South Division Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104.

Family Therapy Associates (FTA) has been a leading provider of clinical services and training to the Greater Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan Area since 1979.
Individual and Family Therapy : The members of FTA utilize a wide range of theoretical approaches. Individual, group, couple and family therapy modalities are utilized depending on the needs of each client. Clinicians are experienced in a wide range of modalities including: couples and family therapy (including diversity issues such as race, gender, and sexual orientation) as well as interfaith, step-families, and parenting issues, EMDR, treatment of eating disorders, dissociative disorders, drama and adventure experiences for teens, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
Training: Clinical training experiences are offered at different levels of involvement. Monthly individual or group case consultation, in EMDR (including EMDR certification and Approved Consultant Groups) and in the Person of the Therapist Model.. Arrangements for appointments and fees are made by the individual professional. Insurance reimbursement is often available.
Staff: Zona Scheiner, Ph.D.; Bennet Wolper, M.S.W.; Katie Pelz-Davis, A.C.S.W.
For further information, contact 734-572-0882.  

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