Center for Family Psychiatry
1235 Industrial Drive, Suite 4, Saline MI 48176
Phone: (734) 944-8300
Medical Director: Moina Hassan, M.D.       Clinical Director: Ravi S. Kirbat, M.D.

Founded in 2004, the clinic is a private outpatient mental health provider based in Saline with five experienced and well trained psychiatrists and eleven equally competent psychotherapists. They provide a range of treatment options including individual, marital and family counselling, child and adult psychiatric care. The culture at the clinic is of caring and competent care with emphasis on communication both within and to the outside providers. We take pride in working with outside clinicians and primary care physicians to provide consultations. We are on the panel of most of the major local HMO and commercial insurances. The staff consists of: Liz Borener, LMSW; George M. Daigle, Ph.D.;  Pat Hoeft, M.S.N., LMSW; Sajid Hussein, M.D.; Jean L. Kanitz, Ph.D.; Giovanni Minonne, Ph.D.; Maureen Noble, M.D.; Richard Rickman, Ph.D.; Mary S. Royce, LMSW; Margaret Ryder, LMSW; Tara Saunders, LMSW & Luven M. Tejero, M.D.

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