Important Youth Services Phone Numbers for Washtenaw County, MI
(Updated 4/06; Next update- 4/09)

(All of the phone numbers given below are for area code 734, except as noted otherwise)
Click here for mental health services phone numbers.
Click here for substance abuse treatment phone numbers.
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ADD Center of Ann Arbor 761-4717
Alateen/Alanon 995-4949
Ann Arbor Center for Developmental Pediatrics 997-9088
Ann Arbor Center for the Family 995-5181
AAPS Pupil/Personnel Services 994-2318
Arbor Hospice Children's Bereavement Groups 662-5999
Arbor Psychological Consultants 741-8844
Association for Children's Mental Health 800-782-0883
Big Brothers/Big Sisters 973-1900
Catholic Social Services 971-9781
Center for Neuropsychology, Learning & Development 994-9466
CHADD- Michigan 31-438-3763
Child Abuse Hotline
Child Care Network 975-1840
Child Protective Services -24 hour phone service 481-9110
EMU Speech & Hearing Clinic 487-4410
Father Pat Jackson House 761-1440
Grandparents As Parents 712-3625
Growing Tree Program 734-255-3191
Huron Valley Child Guidance Clinic 971-9605
Learning Disabilities Parents Advisory 913-9553
Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan 517-485-8160
McAuley Adolescent Partial Hospitalization 712-5750
National Runaway Assistance 800-786-2929
Ozone House 662-2222
Parent HELPline, child abuse counseling 800-942-4357
Parents Anonymous- National 800-621-6184
St. Joseph Adolescnet Partial Hospital 712-5750
Student Advocacy Center 482-0489
University Center for the Child & Family 764-9466
U of M Autism & Communications Center 936-8600
U of M Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 764-7269
U of M Family Assessment Center 998-9700
Washtenaw Area Council for Children 634-4215
Washtenaw Assoc. for Community Advocacy 662-1256
Washtenaw County Children's Services 973-4343
Washtenaw Intermediate School District 994-8161

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