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(All of the phone numbers given below are for area code 248, unless noted otherwise)
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Abaris Behavioral Health- Novi


Abaris Behavioral Health-Rochester Hills 650-8383
Adult Children of Alcoholics- National 310-534-1815
Alcoholics Anonymous- Local 541-6565
Alcoholics Anonymous- National 212-870-3400
Alcholics for Christ- Royal Oak 399-9955
Alcoholism National Helpline & Referral 800-252-6465
Arab-American Substance Abuse Prevention 559-1990
Behavioral Medical Center 528-9000
Brighton Hospital 810-227-1211
Center for Substance Abuse Services- Lansing 517-241-2595
Cocaine Anonymous 800-235-2222
Community Programs, Inc.- Waterford 406-0090
Eastwood Clinic- Royal Oak 288-9333
Eastwood Clinic- Rochester Hills 844-6234
ETRS- Royal Oak 399-2600
Federal Drug, Alcohol & Crime Clearinghouse 800-788-2800
Gamblers Anonymous- National 213-386-8789
Growth Works- Plymouth 313-455-4095
Hazelden Foundation- Minnesota 800-257-7800
Health Professional Recovery Program of MI 800-453-3784
Heron Ridge Associates- Bingham Farms 594-4991
Heron Ridge Associates- Clarkston 693-8880
Maplegrove- West Bloomfield 661-6100
Marijuana Anonymous 800-766-6779
McLaren Oakland Hospital Behavioral Health 338-5292
Metropolitan Rehabilitation Clinics- Oak Park 967-4310
Michigan Sub. Abuse & Traffic Safety Info. Center 800-626-4636
Mothers Against Drunk Driving 528-1745.
Narcotics Anonymous- National 818-773-9999
Narcotics Anonymous- Local 543-7200
National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 800-666-6327
New Oakland Family Center- Clarkston 620-6400
New Oakland Family Ctr.- Farmington Hills 855-1540
Nicotine Anonymous- National 415-750-0328
Oakland County Central Diagnostic & Referral 858-5200
Sacred Heart Outpatient Services- Madison Heights 658-1116
Providence Hospital Dual Diagnosis Services- Southfield 849-3301
Secular Organization for Sobriety 253-0289
Triad Associates- Clarkston 625-2970
Turning Point Recovery Center- Pontiac 836-0191
Women for Sobriety 800-333-1606

Important Websites
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Alanon- National
Alcoholics Anonymous - National
Alcoholics Anonymous - Local
Alcoholics for Christ
Cocaine Anonymous- National
Cocaine Anonymous- State
Codependents Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous
Michigan Tobacco QuitLine
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Narcotics Anonymous- National
Narcotics Anonymous- Local
Nicotine Anonymous
Rational Recovery
SAMHSA Treatment Facility Locator
Self-Help Meetings- U.S.W. Data Base
Smart Recovery
Women for Sobriety

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